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Ericka L. Stewart; is a steward of many talents and insightful experiences. Now 35 years old, Stewart remains a native to Philadelphia and calls the neighborhood of Mount Airy her home.


As a social entrepreneur, a warrior of Complex PTSD, and also a Central High School graduate of the 263rd class, Stewart prides herself as a resilient person of lived experience.  

As a survivor of 9 out of 10 ACEs. “Adverse childhood experiences, or ACEs, are potentially traumatic events that occur in childhood (0-17 years). For example: experiencing violence, abuse, or neglect. witnessing violence in the home or community.” (The Relationship between Adverse Childhood Experiences and Sleep Problems among Adolescent Students: Mediation by Depression or Anxiety, 2020) 

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Ericka's Journey

"An Equal Life Investment For Everyone"​

These traumatic, as well as triumphant experiences, have shaped Ericka’s societal views and values. They are a guide of ethics and encourage disciplines that provide her the ability to serve her neighbors; many of whom are elderly and more times than none; at-risk youth under the age of 24.

While celebrating 20 years of direct services within the Human and Social Services field; Ericka has developed strength in the service areas of SHINE. 


SHINE is an acronym for : 

  • Shelter

  • Hygiene 

  • Inspiration & Integrity 

  • Nutrition 

  • Education 

As a steward of these gifts; communities throughout Philadelphia and beyond are served through a grassroots collective of businesses and organizations.  Stewart is the Founder and Owner of Everyone Love Someone LLC - a one-stop shop meeting faucet needs for local startups and small businesses through providing concierge services for marketing, advertising, and business sustainability. 


Ericka is also the President of Social Impact Cafe and Social Impact Cafe PHL;  her mission is to “Break The Cycle Of Trauma: 1 Meal At A Time'' while continuously striving to excel at building partnerships that are “ An Equal Life Investment For Everyone “ . With those partnerships aligned with like-minded individuals, businesses, and stakeholders relationships are built into social impact investment projects within poverty-stricken & food insecure communities. 

In May 2022, Ericka was celebrated and awarded a resolution on behalf of The Mayor’s Office of Community Engagement for being a Community Champion that has served communities of color and those with low incomes during the COVID-19 pandemic.


In October  2022, Stewart also receives the 2022 Change Maker Of The Year award from Uptown Standard Newspaper and was presented by Philadelphia’s First African American Female Sheriff Rochelle Bilal.“ This Award goes to individuals who are making a difference in the community, through their Activism, Advocacy, Mentoring, Community Service, Community Organizing, and Charity. (Uptown Standard, 2022.) 

March 2023,   Parks & Rec and RecPhilly announced the 10 local entrepreneurs selected as finalists for the Making Space program.


"Ericka Stewart is looking to open Social Impact Cafe, a new community cafe that would be run by staff and volunteers. It would serve healthy dining options while using rescued food in Philadelphia. The cafe would feature a rotating menu and a “pay what you can” model. Youth would learn about the food service industry, conservation, and sustainability."


 Ericka Stewart: Social Impact Cafe

Social Impact Cafe does food distributions and works with community fridges in Northwest Philly. It works to create “socially liberating experiences where marginalized communities can … feel empowered when they’re shopping for their basic needs,” said Stewart, the organization’s president and CEO.

She’d use the rec center space to open a community cafe with healthy options made from rescued food, operating on a pay-what-you-can basis. Programming for young people would teach them about the food service industry, sustainability, and conservation.

In Stewart’s words: “We want it to be a dining experience that people look forward to, and we want the young people to know that this is a space for them as well.”


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

TEXT (267)  325- 4426

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